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The actual developers of Lextek International's products host all of our training programs. This ensures that your employees are trained by the developers of the technology itself - not a hired trainer with a minimal amount of practical experience. This also benefits Lextek International by keeping our developers in touch with the needs of our customers enabling us to meet your needs more efficiently.

Courses may be taught at your facility or at the facility of your choosing so your developers may be trained in the environment and equipment that they are most familiar with.

Our training programs are designed to get your programmers up and running quickly and efficiently.

Our "Up and Running" program involves one or more of our programmers working directly with your development team outlining your project and its goals to develop a technology integration strategy.

If you have licensed the source code for one of our products, Lextek International's training program is the perfect way to get your development team familiar with the source code, and the algorithms involved.

If you have special training needs that do not fit within one of our training programs, we would be happy to work with you to put together a custom training program to meet your special requirements.


Since our actual developers host our training programs, we request that you schedule your training program at least two weeks in advance. For further information on our training programs please feel free to contact our training department for further information.

Training Contact Information

Phone: 801.655.1994
Fax: 801.221.1121

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