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SpellWright Spellchecking Toolkit

The SpellWright Spellchecking Toolkit provides one of the most advanced spell checking technologies for your applications available today. 

Tired of the poor performance of other spellcheckers?

SpellWright is not only is fast, it generates accurate suggestions for the right words in your text.

How It Works

Unlike many other spellcheckers, SpellWright returns suggestions in the order of how probable it is that they are the word the user is looking for.   SpellWright's suggestions are some of the most accurate suggestions available in a spellchecker today. 

The suggestion algorithms are based on rules developed by one of the world's top linguists.  The combination of accuracy of suggestions and the ranking of suggestions are several of reasons why SpellWright is one of the most accurate and intuitive spellcheckers available.

Multiple Dictionary Types

Today people demand not only power but flexibility. SpellWright delivers both with flying colors.  SpellWright allows your application to have up to 32 dictionaries open at one time, each with 6 different dictionary styles including:

  • An Incredible Main Dictionary
  • Skip Dictionary
  • Customizable User Dictionary
  • Document History Dictionary
  • Suggestion Dictionary
  • Auto Replace Dictionary  


Multiple Languages

SpellWright comes with a wide variety of dictionaries for inclusion into your applications. By utilizing SpellWright's supplemental, domestic and foreign language dictionaries, your products benefit by allowing your customers much more flexibility in the languages and subject matters they deal with.

  • American English
  • British English
  • French
  • Dutch
  • Spanish
  • Additional Supplemental Dictionaries.


Additional Features

Regular Expression Matching

For power users, or for applications that have special needs, SpellWright allows regular expression matching giving both your applications and your users very powerful lookup capabilities.

Case Checking

SpellWright doesn't just check your documents for misspelled words but also for irregular capitalization.    SpellWright not only catches many case errors but will suggest to your application whether the word should be all upper case, all lower case or capitalized.

Licensing Information

Licenses are available for both the Windows and Macintosh platforms. Object code licenses are available as either static or dynamically linked libraries.

Unlike other professional quality spellcheckers on the market, source code licenses are available for SpellWright. Source licenses include a multi-platform license making it especially affordable if your project involves multiple platforms.

The source code is written in ANSI C++ making it easy to port to other platforms as needed.

Contact Information

Lextek International
202 N. 700 E.
Provo, UT 84606
801.655.1994  (Voice)
801.373.5342  (Fax) (EMail)


How It Works

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Licensing Information

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