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One of the most important things for anyone to do is to look at software in terms of business solutions and not just business technology. Here are a few solutions of business problems and how RouteX can be used to solve them.

Forwarding Incoming Email

A business often receives email directed to the business itself and not to any particular employee. In many traditional businesses a secretary must read each of these emails and determine what department or employee it should be forwarded to. With RouteX you can write custom rules to forward sales requests to your sales department, technical help to your support department, and management information to your managers. You can even ensure that they are equally distributed based upon how busy employees are or by other criteria the business has. All of this takes place in an automated and tracked process. This solution provides your business with no more forgotten or lost email. Your business customers will be served by more efficient service by reaching the relevant people.

Sending Information They Need

Many businesses deal with constant feeds of news and information. For instance an investment staff needs to have forwarded to them all information concerning the industries and businesses their investments are in. Unfortunately the amount of data they have to deal with is in the gigabytes. There is no way any person could reasonably handle that much information. Until recently the standard business solution was to consult online search engines and hope that your employee could find the information they need. Unfortunately most search engines index so many sources of information that employees waste hours wading through irrelevant hits. With RouteX each user can tell your information services what information they are looking for. RouteX will then ensure that this information gets delivered to them.

Simply pass all the incoming news feeds to RouteX. RouteX will determine what each user is looking for that day and tell your application to either mail it to them or store it in their home directory. You can even select Internet news and business sites and have RouteX process them. Anything you can potentially store as a document can be processes and forwarded by RouteX.

The result is an active agent that actively processes business information freeing employees to act on it.

RouteX helps solve the problem of lost time dealing with information overload.

Organize and Backup Documents

Many businesses have hundreds, thousands, or even millions of documents on their networks. While business set rules to try and ensure that documents are stored where they need to be, somehow it never seems to work. Users get busy or confused. Documents get lost or even deleted. With RouteX you can write actions that move documents to specific locations based upon their content. Imagine scanning your network and storing new legal documents in a legal area. Have memos stored in a memo area. Have documents dealing with specific business products each copied into their own product area.

Using RouteX you can also write programs to backup files based not just on their date or filename but on their content. Imagine running a tape backup of all of your legal documents and actually getting them all backed up! Imagine running a backup of all documents on your network dealing with one project. You can even write a program to ensure that documents in each users hard drive get copied to the relevant network location.

RouteX solves the problem of lost documents and file directory chaos.

Document Management Flexibility

Many large businesses are using document management software to deal with the large body of documents. If you are writing a custom document management system RouteX will give you capabilities you didn't know you could implement. In addition to the solutions we've already discussed, RouteX can forward new documents to users who need to see them. RouteX can also help you organize information into your document management system in ways that would have traditionally required user intervention. Consider, for example, the scanning in of printing texts. RouteX can classify each text so that they are placed in the proper category in your document hierarchy.

A problem many document management systems have is that they are organized passively. They depend upon the users to manage the documents. While document management gives the users much more power to do this, RouteX allows the document management system to truly start managing the document. RouteX can parse documents for sexist, racist or obscene language and forward them to the appropriate manager. It can also make sure secure documents aren't seen by all users based upon their content. Businesses don't have to just hope that the author remembered to set the appropriate security flag. In each case the document can be forwarded to a manager for appropriate action.

RouteX solves the problem of requiring users to actively have to deal who sees what and where they see it.

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