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RouteX Document Classifier and Router

The Right Information to the Right People


Businesses are receiving information from a growing range of sources. Modern businesses deal with resumes, e-mail messages, news feeds, product documentation, spreadsheets, legal documents, operating procedures, press releases, memos to name just a few. You somehow have to find a way to manage all of this information for your business to function smoothly. Your business has to ensure that employees receive the information they need to do their job. It is not enough to just put the document on the network. You have to make sure that the right document reaches the right person. RouteX will help you do this.

RouteX is a highly advanced toolkit designed to let you write the advanced information management software businesses need. With RouteX you can automatically classify or forward documents your business deals with. RouteX takes documents you send it and compares them with an advanced database of rules. Each rule has a custom action associated with it, determining what you wish to do with that document. RouteX also stores custom information with the rule, allowing you to manipulate the document in advanced ways without needing to manage your own database.

Key Benefits of RouteX

  • Accurately and swiftly classify documents
  • Automatically take the needed actions on your documents
  • Ensure that documents reach the right people
  • Ensure that people find the information they need to do their job
  • Organize the large body of documents modern businesses deal with
  • Handle a wide variety of business processes without limitations
  • Apply your business' base of knowledge to documents automatically

RouteX Developer's Toolkit

One of the big challenges facing modern businesses is how to deal with the growing body of documents and information employees need to deal with. It seems like each day employees have to weed through more and more documents before they find the information they need to do their job. Not only do employees have to deal with irrelevant information they often never find information that they are searching for. They face the danger of information overload. Sometimes critical information never reaches the people who need it most. These two problems, too much information and missing information, lead to the same result: employees wasting time. Lost time results in lost income.

Networks were supposed to rescue employees and employers from this situation. For a time they did. Employees could share documents and search the network for the documents they need. That no longer is enough. Employees need to have relevant information come to them without hunting it out. Employers need to ensure that the information they deal with gets routed to the employees who are supposed to deal with it. Hoping that the employees manage to find it on their own isn't enough. Documents need to be categorized so that people know what they deal with. People need to have the network not only store the information, but also actively organize and route it to them. They do not have the time or patience to deal with the information overload in modern society. They need effective software to automate information processing and management.

RouteX is a toolkit for the writers of custom information technologies designed to easily do all this. It is a simple but flexible toolkit that uses advanced searching, indexing and database technology to route documents based on custom rules. When you send a document to RouteX the toolkit compares it with a database of rules to determine what action to take. It stores not only the rule and associated action, but also information you choose to help you carry out the action. The rules themselves are indexed and you are provided with advanced searching to help you organize, display, and find the rules you store.

RouteX doesn't only save you from writing your own routing software. It's advance technology means that your software will run swiftly and efficiently. Efficient routing means that your users receive only what they need and not what they don't. Lextek's other toolkits also provide you with an integrated solution of document indexing and document summarization. You will quickly be able to intelligently organize and process the information that a modern IT staff has to deal with.

Toolkit Features

RouteX is optimized for large database of rules and actions to perform on documents. This means that RouteX is scalable in size from small business up to large enterprise solutions. RouteX is designed to be a flexible as possible so you can utilize it for a wide variety of business solutions. We don't trap you in the straightjacket of what a toolkit author thought you ought to do. RouteX is flexible enough to let you store the information you need for your project.

Because we based RouteX on our advanced technologies, RouteX is at the top of the performance curve in analyzing your documents. Your rules are applied using the most modern methods available.

The toolkit is written to be a portable as possible. You can easily use it in an advanced enterprise document management system running of Sun Sparcstations or as a news routing running on a small PC. We provide not only an easy to use API but also extensive help files, sample code and product support. We can even provide custom features for a reasonable fee. Unlike many toolkits, source code is available.

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