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Lextek Profiling Engine SDK

Meeting the Needs of Routing and Categorizing Services



Traditionally companies in the routing and categorization industries have either used full-featured indexing engines or else have written their own simple scanners. Simple scanners, while appealing in terms of cost, lack the power and flexibility needed to do most types of analysis. The alternative of using traditional indexing engines must deal with the fact that those indexers were primarily directed towards uses different than those of the categorization industry.

Our goal with the Lextek Profiling Engine was to develop a version of our Onix indexing engine that was optimized to meet the needs and aims of the categorization and routing markets. To deal with these very different needs we designed the Lextek Profiling Engine to create memory-based indexes. Most routers, rather than indexing hundred or thousands of documents at a time, index only a few documents. Our Profiler includes in the indexing process only those features that are needed, improving speed and reducing overhead. Because we are not creating indexes that will be reused, we can eliminate compression, encryption, and the speed problems associated with disk access.

Much of the time taken in querying a traditional index is taken up in searching through the index on the disk. That takes time both to wait for the disk to transfer the information but also to compute where the desired data is. In general accessing a disk is several orders of magnitude more lengthy than going directly to memory. By keeping the index in memory we can access it with extremely dramatic speed increases. In internal tests these changes have resulted in speedups of up to 5 times those of comparable traditional indexers.

The Lextek Profiling Engine SDK also has an extremely advanced query language. This language eases the creation of the large types of queries often found in the categorization industry. It is a full programming language allowing code reuse. It also has numerous ranking methods, deferred evaluation of queries, named sub-queries, and features that allow the Profiler to dramatically optimize your queries for speed.

Key Benefits of the Lextek Profiling Engine

  • Small, fast memory based indexer
  • Avoids the overhead associated with large static indexes
  • Numerous Advanced Ranking Methods
  • Query Language optimized for large complex queries with hundreds of sub-queries.
  • Query Language designed to aid code reuse and debugging the complex queries found in categorizers

Lextek Profiling Engine SDK

Our SDK is easy to integrate into your existing applications and projects. It uses an API very similar to the Onix Indexing Toolkit. If you already are using Onix you can move to the Profiling toolkit in a matter of minutes. If you are using a competing toolkit you can still convert over your projects with minimal work. Usually converting over takes only a day.

Once you've integrated the Lextek Profiling Engine you are ready to take advantage of the new features optimized for analyzing texts. You will find dramatic speed increases over competing products. You will also find analysis tools that can significantly improve the accuracy and usefulness of your work.

Contact Information

For information and evaluation copies please contact us at

Lextek International
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