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Match Words by How They Sound

PhonMatch is one of the most advanced phonetical matching algorithms developed for the English Language. If you are looking for a high quality phonetic matching tool to quickly let you know if two or more words sound the same, PhonMatch is what you are looking for. It also enables you to search by words that sound the same as the word you're looking for.

Unlike other algorithms that have been developed by non-linguists as a "quick and dirty" solution, PhonMatch is designed to provide a high quality matching for applications where the ability to tell if two words sound alike is the most demanding both in terms of performance and in terms of linguistic ability. The rules that govern PhonMatch's matching algorithm were developed by one of the world's top phonologists for just this purpose. Lextek International's implementation of the matching algorithm is highly optimized providing the fastest phonetical matching available.

What makes PhonMatch different? PhonMatch does not simply perform a simple lookup on characters of the words it is analyzing, it actually looks at the phonemes and takes into account their position within the word and with other possible sounds that the phoneme in question can produce in context of their relation to one to another. This not only results in a phonetical matching algorithm which is precise but also keeps the number of possibilities manageable.

Furthermore, PhonMatch provides a set of utility functions that will allow you to have access to the information needed to quickly lookup words in a dictionary or other wordlist which potentially match the phonetical pattern you are looking for without requiring you to look through your entire wordlist thus giving you a much higher level of efficiency than that provided by other algorithms.

Lextek International's phonetical matching technology has applicability to a wide range of applications. Just a few possible applications of the PhonMatch algorithm are:

  • SpellCheckers
  • Dictionaries
  • Product Directories
  • Address Directories
  • Database Systems
  • Phone Books
  • Information Retrieval Systems

If you are working on an application where the ability to tell if two or more words sound the same is crucial for its success, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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