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This is the manual for the query language of the Lextek Profiling Engine SDK. This manual goes through writing queries using the SDK. We have separated this manual from discussions of the API as conceptually they are quite different. Further the people writing queries are often not the people who integrate the SDK into your project. The query language is the internal language that the Profiling Engine uses to analyze the text. You can think of the query language as an interpreted language that specializes in doing document analysis. While we may make references to the API, in general you need know nothing of the API to use this manual.




An general overview of how the query language works. For a more thorough overview, we suggest you read through the Technology Overview.


A brief summary of the language listing all of the commands, syntax and features.


Each operator or operation, listed by name, along with a description of what it does.

Tips, Questions and Answers

Tips for writing good programs, several sample queries, and answers to many frequently asked questions.