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List of Types Used by Brevity

SumManagerT A pointer to a void. You create a variable of this type which becomes the object containing all of the data that Brevity uses to summarize your text. Most of the Brevity functions require that you pass them this object.
StatusCodeT A long. You pass to most functions a pointer to this type to return any error states Brevity encountered. If a function fails your variable will hold a value representing the type of error that occured.

A struct containing the offset to the start of a sentence in your buffer or file that you passed to Brevity.

You pass a pointer to this type to brGetOffset to get a list of significant sentences. Generally you will allocate an array of SentenceListT to hold the sentences that brGetOffset returns. See the sample code in that function for more information.

typedef struct {

  size_t start;

  size_t length;



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