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Lextek Language Identifier SDK

For many applications, it is important to be able to correctly identify the language that a document or piece of text is written in. The Lextek Language Identifier enables you to do this. Since some languages may be written in several character encodings, the Lextek Language Identifier will automatically identify what character encoding the text was written in.

Supporting approximately 260 different languages and character encodings, the Lextek Language Identifier gives you the ability to automatically recognize more languages and encodings than any other language identifier available. We are adding more languages all the time and work closely with our customers to ensure that their language recognition needs are fully supported.


Potential Uses for the Lextek Language Identifier

Because of the growth of the Internet, we now live in a world wide society communicating and doing business with people who use a wide variety of languages. Because of this, there is a need in today's software to be able to automatically identify what language a piece of text is written in. Just a few of the many different uses where a language identifier may prove useful are as follows:

  • Natural language processing systems.
  • Multi-Lingual spell checking.
  • E-Mail routing and filtering engines.
  • Content based and language specific web crawlers and search engines.
  • Information retrieval systems.
  • Text mining applications.
  • Document filtering systems.
  • Translation service bureau software.
  • Identification of the language or encoding of WWW pages.
  • Anywhere where you might need to work with more than one language seamlessly.
  • Working in conjunction with stemmers or morphological analyzers.
  • Knowledge Management Systems



The Lextek Language Identifier doesn't just support more languages than any other language identifier. It also has impressive recognition accuracy. Sometimes documents do not always provide much text to work with. The Lextek Language Identifier's high sensitivity still lets it make good estimates of the correct language for these short documents. It can provide estimates with as few as a dozen characters. As the document size goes up so does the accuracy. It takes little text to achieve an almost 100% recognition rate.



The Lextek Language Identifier has been designed up to be able to quickly and efficiently recognize languages. It utilizes a highly optimized engine. We spent the time to optimize the language identifier so that your application can spend its time doing what it does best.


Easy To Use API

Language identification should be a simple job. Unlike some language identifiers, we have kept it as simple as it should be. Our API is as easy to use as one would hope for it to be. Adding automatic language identification to your applications is quick and straightforward. It involves only the addition of a few calls to the Language Identifier SDK to your application.

Simply start up the language identification library, open the language modules you are interested in, and pass in some text to be recognized, and the Lextek Language Identifier will tell you which language it is. It is as simple as that.


Cross Platform

Currently, the language identifier is available on Windows, Linux, MacOSX, MacOS9, and Solaris. We designed the language identifer's code to be cross platform. We are therefore capable of porting it to any additional platform(s) you may need. In addition, support is provided for a variety of different programming environments and compilers.



For further information about the Lextek Language Identifier SDK or for an evaluation copy, please contact Please specify what operating system and compiler you are planning on using for your evaluation..

In addition, the manual is available at: and a free end user application is available from:


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