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Brevity Document Summarizer
Concise Outlines of Your Documents


Businesses and other organizations often deal with hundreds or even hundreds of thousands of documents. Knowing the content of these documents can be difficult. While you can discern the content of a graphical image at a glance, with text documents you have to read through each to discern it's content. Reading through an entire document takes time - time you don't have to waste. The traditional solution to this problem has been to assign people to read the documents and write a brief abstract for each one. Unfortunately many organizations simply don't have the resources to assign people to summarize hundreds or even thousands of documents.

Brevity provides you with a solution. Brevity easily generates document summaries for you. The summaries can be as long or as short as you wish. You can also use Brevity to highlight key sentences or words in your document.

Key Benefits of Brevity

  • Accurately generate automated document summaries
  • Allow users to quickly determine a document's contents at a glance
  • Highlight significant words and sentences in a document
  • Find the key parts of a document

Brevity Toolkit

Brevity has a simple API so you can easily integrate it into your own applications. Brevity works by comparing your document to a library of previously analyzed documents.  Using advanced technology, Brevity is able to determine what is significant in your document relative to this library of documents. This means that Brevity doesn't have to analyze a paper about physics using same criteria as it would a news story about a political campaign. By comparing your documents to specific libraries Brevity is able to generate very accurate summaries.

Because a huge library of documents would take up considerable space, Brevity stores the key information about these documents in a special dictionary. Brevity comes with a utility that allows you to generate your own dictionaries. This lets you make sure that Brevity will use the types of documents you deal with to generate it's summaries.

The toolkit is designed to be as flexible as possible and can work with existing documents or data that you generate from within your applications. It allows you to parse your data anyway that you wish, allowing you to eliminate parts of documents not relevant to the summary. (i.e. titles, tables of contents, etc.)

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